Flagship Akin to a Spaceship

Simple but sparing no detail in elegance, masterclass feat in engineering and automotive prowess, the R8 is one of if not the most synonymous with affordable supersport, although affordable is subjective in the sense. The company whose rather not so humble beginnings in Bavaria, Germany and subsequent merging with four other companies in the turbulent war times of early 20th century took over less than 90 years of experience in order to create the masterpiece.

With the recent purchase of another supercar tycoon – Lamborghini, there are surely to be a few upgrades to be incorporated in the upcoming yearly updates of the R8, one of which should be a set of VMR Wheels And while other efforts were of capacity; none of the vehicles were in the vicinity of being as fast as the R8, whose shipments were with V10 variants only after the year of 2012. The R8 being a completely unique beast with signature blunt good looks, the manufacturer does market it as an affordable 390 grand driveaway (V10 variant), excluding on-road costs.

Comfort is never compromised, at least for two
The distinctive front, headlights that breathe aggression, low and wide back that house a screen with minimal visibility are all feats of art. Massive headroom for taller customers and hand stitched bucket seats that feel standard to a supercar enthusiast are all inclusive in this 2 seater, with a virtual cockpit straight out of something from The Jetsons from the 1990’s.

Speed above all
2 door Coupe and Spyder variants are all supercharged with the twin turbo 5 litre V10 after the much needed “facelift” in 2012 which saw a more streamlined designed with more polished bezels. The super light carbon fibre chassis enables the monster to reach speeds of 32